• About us

    Jinchen Corp (Stock code: 603396) is a national high-tech enterprise in China, an innovative company focusing on vacuum coating technology, automation technology, and equipment intelligent solutions.

  • Career opportunities

    Adhering to the core values of "Focus, Innovation, Teamwork and Excellence", we strive to provide everyone in Jinchen with win-win cooperation resources and platform, give full play to the best work efficiency in limited working hours, share the vision and achievements with Jinchen together!

  • Solutions

    With the goal of offering all-round service, Jinchen deeply studies the difference between customers’ demands and provides smart manufacturing solutions covering R&D, design, manufacturing and sales of high-end intelligent equipment.

  • Investors

    Jinchen is one of the world's leaders in the field of high-efficiency solar cell and high-efficiency solar module manufacturing equipment, and a strong practitioner on implementing China's national dual carbon goals, "carbon peak" and "carbon neutral".


Heterojunction (HJT) solar cell PECVD solution

Actively collaborating with Swiss company H2GEMINI, Jinchen keeps concentrating on the R&D of new PECVD process and equipment applied to HJT technology. Working through the joint effect of Chinese and foreign R&D team, after continuous experimentation and innovation, breakthroughs have eventually been achieved. The HJT solar cell PECVD a-Si thin film equipment has the merits of large capacity and low cost.

TOPCon high-efficiency solar cell tube PECVD solution

Cooperating with Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jinchen Tube PECVD solution realized the preparation of the core material of TOPCon solar cell --- "Silicon oxide + in-situ doped amorphous silicon" , meanwhile, it won great breakthrough on several core technologies, such as suppressing explosion of amorphous silicon, preventing conduction of electric field and realizing the whole process of high-efficiency solar cell , etc., launching a simplified process solution.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment for high-efficiency solar cell

Jinchen keeps following up the technology development of solar module manufacturing and broadening its product range. With the technology accumulation of solar module automatic production equipment, Jinchen actively extends to the industry of solar cell manufacturing.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment for high-efficiency solar module

Jinchen is leading the technology development of next-generation module manufacturing:
Fully-automatic solar module manufacturing line
Thin module assembly technology
Fully electric-heating laminator

Intelligent Port Solution

Jinchen RTG remote semi-automatic control system is a semi-intelligent control system integrating smart RTG local control terminal, integrated management system (MES), and office remote control terminal.