TOPCon high-efficiency solar cell tube PECVD solutions

Core technology

De-filming suppression technology for amorphous silicon during high-temperature crystallization

Low dust process technology

Steady state control technology of electric field impedance system during thin film deposition

Large area uniformity control technology

Technology of preparing ultra-thin silicon oxide by plasma pulse oxidation

"Silicon oxide + in-situ doped amorphous silicon" two-in-one process technology

Relevant description

Jinchen tube PECVD solution realized the preparation of the core material of TOPCon solar cell --- "Silicon oxide + in-situ doped amorphous silicon" , meanwhile, it won great breakthrough on several core technologies, such as suppressing explosion of amorphous silicon, preventing conduction of electric field and realizing the whole process of high-efficiency solar cell , etc.

Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) Technology

Relying on the dissociation of silane in the plasma electric field, the deposition rate is fast and the doping efficiency is high

Directional deposition and slight winding plating guarantee high yield

Low temperature process and less corrosive by-products reduce cost of consumables