Brand commitment

Quality standards must be treated as the law, and quality is the work that every employee must pay attention to. The higher the position, the more important the position and the deeper the understanding of quality standards. Till good is better ,but better best! Employees at all levels must keep improving the company’s products and services, raise and exam their awareness of quality, and always put quality in the first place.

The company’s development strategy, values, management process, work standards, evaluation system, and social environment would together affect the formation of company’s cohesion.

Advanced products and technology will always be the core competitiveness of an enterprise.

Talent construction is the key element of core competitiveness, and management is to make every employee become the engine of the enterprise.

Value subject

The company pursues mainstream products and technologies that create the greatest value for target customers, with its standards to be advanced, practical, reliable, stable and cost-effective. The key point and direction of the company would be diligent research and development of new technology and process which would have significant impact on the industry, and this is also the value of the company.

The company always holds an active internal mechanism and maintains a strong sense of competition as well as crisis via the pressure transmission of market competition and self improvement. The greatest gain of competition is to learn from competitors and always keep one step ahead of them on organizing, planning, implementing, improving, summarizing and applying.

Social responsibility

With intelligent automation technology and product, the company liberates manual labor, enhances work efficiency, improves work environment and is committed to green, energy-saving and sustainable development, to become a respectable automation enterprise with independent core technology advantages in the industry, and to contribute to the sustainability of economy and society as well as the national rejuvenation.

Develop the business, contribute to the society and benefit the employees!

Work creatively, live happily, lead a austere life in the office and enjoy the rich life back home!

Service concept


In Jinchen, service is not only simple repair, but the last step of sales as well as the first step of product R&D. Service goes through the entire company operation process, from product development, design, manufacturing to before-sales, in-sales and after-sales.

Service is the process that discover customers’ needs and quickly meet their requirements.


Establishing the service culture and concept system that adapts to Jinchen’s company culture to promote the building and spread of the brand “Jinchen Machine”.

Quickly forming a high-quality service team with strong technology, responsibility and passion on entrepreneurship by integrating internal resources to pave a good foundation for Jinchen after-sales service mode.

Train of thought

Create and enhance the ability of harmonious service with all available resources.

Make sure that resources are in place, information is unblocked, operation is orderly and procedures are in control to guarantee the effect.

Service commitment


Jinchen deeply understands that clients’ time is money, so we stay focus on customers’ needs and make sure to solve equipment’s problems in time. Relying on agencies and offices all over the country, Jinchen has formed a sound after-sales service network, outfitted sufficient service resources and established an elite team with over 100 engineers. Jinchen’s technical, production and sales department give priority to customers’ demand via hotline and ERP system to guarantee the quality and timeliness of service.

Full value service

Jinchen provides full value service 24/7. Focusing on customers, Jinchen carries out customer training, technical consultation, customer visits and service for key projects, etc. , so that our customers would feel that they are not just buying a product, but a whole set of services.

Comprehensive, Active, Instant

Jinchen service team would go to the sites within the shortest time by the best way to implement comprehensive, instant and accurate service, just for winning time and creating benefits for our customers, which is also the best interpretation of Jinchen’s service concept and standard.