RTG remote control system

Product features

Jinchen RTG remote semi-automatic control system is a semi-intelligent control system integrating smart RTG local control terminal, integrated management system (MES), and office remote control terminal.

The equipment for this project is a tire-type gantry crane, which is a remote semi-automatic remote control system changed from on-site manual control. Smart port solution is becoming more and more popular because of its higher safety and reliability, higher working efficiency, higher utilization of site, greater friendliness to environment, and lower cost of labor.

Main functions

Three modules of RTG remote control system: ECS server, LCT local end, RCT operation end

Three parts of software: ECS server, LCT local end, RCT operation end

ECS server, the brain part of the entire software, obtains information from TOS terminal, allocates instruction intelligently, and establishes connection with RCT and LCT to get the information of console and gantry crane. “Heartbeat package” ensures the integrity of communication data and the safety of equipment operation, so that ECS server can control the connection and disconnection between RCT and LCT, and deliver the relevant information to corresponding equipment.

RCT control terminal, the initiator and operator of control command in the software, can directly operate the gantry crane by connecting with LCT. It has manual and automatic modes.

LCT local end, the final executor of the software, is responsible for the final movement of the gantry crane. According to the action command or instruction from RCT or ECS, relevant operation will be executed automatically or manually. The equipment will turn on the own protection and detection functions when operating, and reports equipment operation status to ECS and RCT which is connected.

Software parameters

Main parameters of ECS:device IP configuration, camera parameter configuration, remote control device configuration, yard location configuration, RTG trolley reference value configuration, TOS communication interface information configuration, system configuration (including configuration of database, log)

Main parameters of RCT:gantry crane IP configuration, camera parameter configuration, yard location configuration, console number configuration, console IP configuration, number configuration of remote gantry crane, operation site number configuration, system configuration (including configuration of basic set-up, log and video)

Main parameters of LCT:preset of Bay coordinates, configuration of camera preset, system configuration (including configuration of camera, information of data acquisition module, debugging of benchmark value, floor height and automatic operation parameter)

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