2000 MW ! Jinchen has signed a big deal with India energy giant Adani

Release date:2021-06-10Views:1989


Recently, Mr. Li Yisheng, Chairman of Jinchen Group, and Mr. Ramesh Nair, CEO of Adani Solar signed an agreement via video conference to supply a highly automated production line equipment with the annual throughput of 2,000 MW solar modules.


With its superior technologies, perfect overseas service system, comprehensive strength of undertaking large international projects, especially its market share in India market and other significant advantages, Jinchen finally reached a cooperation with Adani to provide production line equipment with the annual output of 2000 MW solar modules.

As a leader of the manufacturing equipment in the field of high-efficiency solar cells and module, this is not the first time that Jinchen has signed an international large contract, it is still proud to be able to cooperate with the industry's leading solar power developers and substantively participate in the global sustainable development.

The successful winning of the Adani 2GW project confirms once again that Jinchen, as a tier one manufacturer of module manufacturing equipment, it has firmly stood in the leading position in the module manufacturing industry, and become a new name card in the field of "Overseas solar cell and module manufacturing equipment".

In 2021, Jinchen will pursue the success, stay true to its original aspiration, constantly strengthen its independent innovation ability, give full play to the advantages of intelligent manufacturing, promote high-quality and leapfrogging type of development of Jinchen, and make progress towards the grand goal of Peaking carbon dioxide emissions and Carbon neutral.