Yingkou Jinchen fights epidemic together, resolutely wins the battle of epidemic

Release date:2020-02-17Views:1407

The sudden emergence of "Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia" (NCP) in 2020 broke the lively and peaceful New Year's Eve.An epidemic is an order, prevention and control is responsibility, and supervision is implementation.Since the Party Central Committee and provincial and municipal epidemic prevention departments issued orders, the board of directors and management of Yingkou Jinchen Machinery Co., Ltd. have attached great importance. The top and bottom of the company actively responded to the call of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, with personal safety and physical health of employees as the top priority.The company set up an epidemic joint prevention and control management team and an emergency management team as soon as possible, and took rapid and multi-pronged action to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.

On the second day of New Year's Day, the company's administrative department purchased 2,000 N95 masks required for epidemic prevention and control through multiple channels. Currently, we have prepared a total of 10,000 masks that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention.In addition, anti-epidemic equipment and supplies such as thermometers, 84 disinfectants and disposable lunch boxes are fully prepared to provide material protection for joint prevention and control of the epidemic.Special thanks to Yingkou Sanzheng Group, a brother company at the same industrial base, for providing the company with 100 bottles of 84 disinfectant and 50 bottles of alcohol for free.

After the decision of company's board of directors and management, the company donated a total of 100,000 yuan to Yingkou Red Cross on January 29 to help carry out related work on prevention and control of NCP and contribute its own share power.


The company strictly complied with the requirements of the Liaoning Provincial Government to resume work no later than 24:00 on February 9, and made adequate preparations for epidemic prevention before applying for resumed work.On February 8th, Director Han Dangen of Yingkou Coastal Industrial Base led a team to the company's site to check the preparations for work resumption. The company's chairman Li Yisheng received the inspection and listened to the government department's guidance and recommendations on epidemic prevention and control. All measures are required to be solid and serious and to be implemented.The company's administrative office scientifically drew up relevant system documents and prevention and control requirements in accordance with the epidemic prevention and control specifications to ensure that various systems and measures are put in place. After acceptance by the competent authority, the company officially resumed work on February 10.



After the resumption of work on February 10, in order to ensure production and prevent and control the epidemic without delay, the production staff will be divided into a group with five people.The main points of epidemic prevention and control will be announced daily, and production staff will maintain a certain safety distance from each other.Some functional departments, such as sales and purchasing, adopt a flexible working system.Relevant employees can work in home and online to reduce personnel mobility and gathering and tackle the epidemic. The company sterilizes the office twice a day and checks the temperature of employees twice a day as required.The company stops using elevators and central air-conditioning and the canteen uses disposable lunch boxes to distribute meals. Office staffs send lunch boxes to employees' posts to distribute meals. The company has set up a special observation room to isolate employees who have detected fever from others.At the same time, the company increases the number of shuttle buses to ensure that passengers can be dispersed, avoiding concentration of personnel. We order the shuttle company to sterilize the car no less than twice a day and stop using the air conditioner .


During the entire period of prevention and control of NCP, the company continues to seriously fulfill the requirements of its superiors in accordance with the principle of saturation prevention and control and consciously assumes the responsibilities of listed companies.We believe that with the efforts of people in the whole country, we will certainly be able to win this fight against epidemic prevention and control as soon as possible.

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