Plate-chain-type curing line

Product features

Equipped with safety protection panel on both sides to make sure stable operation

The width of chain plate could cover modules to ensure uniform force.

The surface of the plate chain is flat to make sure uniform force

TransOmission chain enables automatic oil injection

Technical Parameters

Technical ParametersRelated parameters
Product CodeJC.GF90039/JC.GF90040
Operation PowerAC 380V 3-phase 5-wire system of 50Hz/60Hz
Compatible material size

Length: 1650-2500 mm*Width:990-1400mm

Compatible maximum weight50Kg
Operating Noise<72db
Rated Power7.5kW(Length ≤32m)
working cycle time


Equipment Dimension(L*W*H)

Width: 3200* Height:500mm

Length would be designed according to the final layout

Maximum weight of single unit400kg/m
The specific parameters are subject to change without notice.