Solar Module EL/AOI machine

Product features

High  resolution :EL camera 2.3M pixels *12; AOI camera 12M pixels *12, eight cameras in total

Automatically photoshooting and photo stitching

NG modules can be automatically recognized through AI calculation after capturing EL or exterior image

Fast change over between modules of different specifications within 5 minutes

Technical Parameters

Technical ParametersRelated parameters
working cycle time19s(transOmission ion speed: 60cm/s, continuous mode)
Image capture timeExposure + capture ≤1.5s;(line scan capture 3 times)
Testing modeHigh current (1lsc),low current (0.1lsc),automatic switching between high and low currents
Display screen55-inch high-resolution 4K television *2
Module typeMono/Poly conventional/double-glass module
Module dimension2500*1500mm
Image capture directionAnode side facing downwards
Operation PowerAC 220V,50HZ
Rated Power2.5kW
Operation Air Pressure0.5~0.8Mpa
Air consumption1.6L/min
Environment temperature20~30℃
Omission detection rate≤0.03%
False detection rate≤1%
The specific parameters are subject to change without notice.