Automatic taping machine

Product features

Vacuum adsorption, adhesive surface without contacting with tapes to effectively avoid imprint residue, cleaning, leakage and other problems

Pneumatic rotary joint with independent patent, with small Air consumption, simple and stable operation

Can choose different paste directions within the same module: Horizontal or vertical 

30 tape points, working cycle time ≤ 20S

Technical Parameters

Technical ParametersRelated parameters
Operation PowerAC 380V 3-phase 5-wire system of 50Hz
Operation Air Pressure0.5~0.8Mpa
Compatible module sizeLength: 1650-2500mm * Width: 990-1400mm
Operating Noise≤72db
Height of production lineloading:960±35mm,unloading:960±35mm

Rated power : 5.5kW 

Actual operating power : 0.5kW

Maximum Humidity75%
Working cycle time≤20s(double manipulator stick 30 adhesive points)
Air consumption500L/min
Feeding mode

1. Manually mounting tape roll;

2. Module feed in by automatic production line

Width of tape5-10mm
Length of tape cutting20mm(factory standard, can be customized)
Equipment dimension L: 3170mm * W:2080mm* H: 1920mm
Main functions

Module conveying direction: Long side in and long side out 

Taping speed: 30 points within 20s.

The specific parameters are subject to change without notice.