Junction Box Soldering machine

Product features

Compatible with single and three-split junction boxes, soldering with or without tin

Electromagnetic induction soldering, tension after soldering is ≧ 5N/mm

Special soldering pressure head for high temperature resistance, non-adhesive tin

Working cycle time: Single junction box ≤ 26S, three-chamber junction box ≤ 22S

Technical parameters

Technical parametersRelated parameters
Operation Power AC 380V 3-phase 5-wire system 

Operation Air Pressure

Compatible module sizeDouble-glass module, Half-cell module, Length:1650-2500mm*Width:998-1400mm 
Operating Noise≤72db
Height of production line 



Rated Power : 28kW; 

Actual operating power : 8kW 

Working cycle time ≤22s

Time of changing type

≤20 minutes
Air consumption 400L/min
Equipment dimensionL3100mm W2100mm H2200mm
Position accuracy of module leading wire

The deviation between junction box’s position and pin center is ≤±1 

Equipment Weight2000kg
Appearance colorRAL9016 (Traffic White) 
Operating environmentIndoor and avoid light, temperature 24 ± 5 ℃, humidity 30%~60%
The specific parameters are subject to change without notice.