PL&PE Machine

Product features

Combine two modules to save the space for the equipment 

Compared with EL, PL has no need to contact with cells to reduce the fragmentation rate.

PL detection covers a wide range. From silicon wafer to finished cell, each process position can be detected and the quality of each process is monitored in real time to prevent the appearance of large quantities of defective piece. Real-time picking out NG piece can also improve the yield of production line

Technical Parameters

Technical ParametersRelated parameters
working cycle time500ms
Display screen

19-inch high-resolution television * 2

Operation PowerAC 220V,50HZ
Rated Power600W
Operation Air Pressure0.4~0.6Mpa
Environment temperature20~30℃
Omission detection ratePL≤0.3%    PE≤0.03%

False detection rate

PL≤0.5%    PE≤0.05%
The specific parameters are subject to change without notice.