Solar cell injection machine

Product features

Maximum stack number is 260 (<300) to ensure better temperature control process

Blow compressed air from all sides to improve temperature control uniformity

Single cell Bypass(not entering into stack during process shielding to avoid debris risk)

Soft contact during electrified contact, motor driven (non-cylinder)

Integrated PL module with NG discharging function

With loading buffer function when unloading (supply material for sorter machine)

Automatic backflow of the upper and lower cover plates

Fully integrated scheme, strong adaptability to photoelectric transformation (4.5m,6.5m,9.5m,11m)

Software functions

Remote real-time monitoring of voltage, current, process time and other process parameters;

Data tracking, real-time curve display;

Save historical data for 360 days and export the Data to EXCEL;

Can directly connect to MES system;

A further material box tracking & PL detection (optional)

Technical Parameters

Technical ParametersRelated parameters
Fragment rate≤0.05%
Uptime≥99 %
Improving the efficiency / LID rate

N-type bifacial cell: improving efficiency ≥0.05%; 

Conventional mono cell: LID≤1.0%;

Mono Perc module: LID ≤1.5%; 

Diamond-line conventional poly cell; improving efficiency ≥0.05%, : LID≤1.0%;


CDA intake, air pressure 0.5-0.7MPA, total air consumption 180m³/H, 

pipe diameter 16, quantity 5

Heat drainHot outlet, pipe diameter 200mm, single pipe flow ≥ 600m³/H, quantity 6
Electric consumption3-phase 5-wire system, 380V feeder rated power 20kW; host rated power 50kW; unloader rated power 10kW
The specific parameters are subject to change without notice.